Our full service approach means that we listen to your needs then manage the 
process in its entirety, from the very initial brief through to mass production order 
shipment. We take complete control; just as if your own company was to have a 
dedicated design team, development manager & liaison office in the country of 
manufacture, as well as a permanent presence located in each manufacturing 
partners facility.

about us


We inspect every single production order prior to approval for shipment, and monitor the production lines all day every day to ensure the quality standards consistently met & improved kemper who is german technician with much experienced for more than 30years in this field and take care of all quality control during bulk production
We can execute all of the design work you need, but if you have a design team, that’s fine we are happy to work directly with them. We are here to offer you a bespoke complete solution, whatever that might favero who is pro-italian designer for footwear with much experienced and take care of all artwork design services with creatived ideas with real function.

In addition mr.leon who is vietnamese and take care of all cutting dies with other accessories tools.